Petition and Complaint to the LEA

Should a person have a grievance with a school governing body, the formal route is first to make a complaint to the Local Education Authority.  In our experience, an isolated individual is likely to be brushed away or ignored, however a complaint backed by a significant proportion of those connected to the school would not be, and would show that the governing body is out of touch with the feelings of the school population.

Please feel free to download and print the petition below,  collect as many signatures as you can.

Please return them to me, Rob,  by Monday 13th January, and I’ll get them over to the LEA.   You can find me at school collecting or dropping off most days. Or email me at and we’ll work out how to get them to me.

StJosephsPetitionV3 (PDF, 28KB)


Letter to parents and children.
Letter to parents and children.

In response to the sudden and very unexpected departure of our much loved Miss Ambrose, head teacher of St Joseph’s, Ordsall.

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