Thank You!

Thanks everyone for the fantastic support today.  We were only able to be at the Ryall Avenue gate, but almost everybody who passed signed the petition, and we’ve had lots of good wishes.

Without a doubt, everybody is upset and shocked at Miss Ambrose’s sudden departure, and hopefully with your support we can find out what happened, why, and what can be done about it.

If you were not able to sign, or were one of those who downloaded or took away sheets to sign and return, you can catch me, Rob, any day before or after school, or email me at and we’ll work out how to get them to me.

With almost 100 names representing around the same number of children in the school, this already represents around half of the school population wanting answers.

One thought on “Thank You!”

  1. Thankyou Rob for arranging this petition to support the views of the whole community of pupils past and present who we’re fortunate enough to have been taught by Miss Ambrose, in a world of tick boxes target setting and financial cuts I am totally disgusted, devastated and confused as to why this has happened so suddenly! Miss Ambrose didn’t want all this fuss and demonstrated further the humble respectful person that she is on her last day by being overwhelmed by people’s responses, flowers, tears and I don’t know if she’s aware the number of people who attended mass that Sunday before Christmas.

    Every child matters that was her ethos long before it was even created. I remember sitting in her assembly as a child and parent and really listening to what she was saying, the enthusiasm and encouragement she promoted to all children regardless of who they are or where they come from to try your best, to work hard, to have courage, be assertive, enjoy your education, to pray for others, the list goes on.

    What a highly respected teacher who has shaped my life not only academically but also as a parent and good teachers like Miss Ambrose should not end there careers in this way.

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