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Almost the end of term.

I know I’ve been a bit quiet lately.. but things have not been forgotten.

The “winner” of the parent governor position was Sandra Byrne.  She has promised to be hands-on and to speak her mind.  I wish her luck.

The new permanent head has been appointed – Mr Schilling.  As you know, he was brought in by the Diocese in January to assist with the running of the school.  There seems to have been very little discussion about his appointment – this should be a matter for the full board of Governors, but the announcement was made before a meeting took place.  Nevertheless, in my multiple dealings with him over the last three months, he has seemed receptive and interested, so I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

And finally … it’s now two months since the LEA replied to us promising that the Diocese would be dealing with the complaint and that they would be in touch.  Needless to say, we have heard precisely nothing from them.  I have therefore emailed Nick Page at Salford and the Office for Education  at the Diocese giving them one further week to respond or I will escalate the complaint to the Secretary of State.  (as per Education Act 1996, s. 409497).   We will keep you informed as to any progress.



Remember to vote.

ballot-box[1]As all parents of children at the school should know, there is currently an election running for a Parent Governor.

The Governing Body is basically in charge of the school; the head reports to them, and they set overall policy. There are ten members; two are school staff (one being the headteacher), one from the LEA, one parent governor, and six foundation governors (one always being the parish priest.)

It should be apparent, therefore, that the influence of the parent governor is likely to be limited, but it is at least a voice in the place that matters.

Parent governors are selected by the parents, which is what the current vote is for.  The foundation governors are appointed by the Bishop.  You can see the a list of governors, prior to the recent events, still on the school website.

Please take the time to cast your vote; ballot papers should be returned to school in a sealed an signed envelope by Friday 14th.

And yes,  I’m standing.  You can read about me, and the other candidates, on the rear of the ballot paper. I’d be honoured if you select me. But whomever you choose, please do vote – this is one of the very few opportunities parents have to give their input to the operation of the school.

– Rob.